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“Depth mapping” is the process of extracting a grayscale image, in which colors indicate the distance from the point of view, from a 3D model. With Ardoise, we reverse this technique to generate a 3D model from a depth image that you draw directly in the app. First, sketch the outline of your shape, then paint depth on both of its sides and watch your 3D model form in real-time. You can go back to the outline to adjust it at any point, then continue to paint. For complex objects, Ardoise allows you to create and manage separate shapes, which can be edited independently while being rendered at the same time on the same model. Each side of each shape holds its own depth bounds that can be tweaked on-the-fly: the minimal depth for farthest points, and the maximal depth for closest points. The resulting 3D model can be exported to OBJ and STL formats to further refine it, use it in your creations or print it! More features: – Apple Pencil support (Apple Pencil recommended!) – iOS Files app integration – PNG and JPEG images import into your depth image – Brushes with customizable size, opacity, hardness and flow – Effects: invert colors, flip sides, copy side, “cushion” effect This app is made with love and passion by a non-professional illustrator who has troubles with using 3D modeling software properly. It is very young but will quickly grow! In-app purchases are provided only to help development; every feature in the app is accessible for free. Feel free to contact me at “” or on Twitter (@FaustineMaffre) if you ask yourself any question, find a bug, think about a feature, or just want to share your creations!

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