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Better Sleep is a FREE app including NO ads! “Better Sleep” automatically tracks and analyzes your sleep using your Apple watch. It detects your sleep pattern and tells you about the duration and quality of your sleep stages. People need to have healthy routines for their sleep cycle. Better Sleep app helps you have a healthy sleep and be energetic all day. AUTOMATIC: You will certainly need to install the app! Then wear your Apple Watch to bed and that’s it. Better Sleep integrates with the Health app, receiving data from your HealthKit, to let you track your sleep automatically. SLEEP DIAGRAM: The graph we provide is very straightforward so that you can easily check the duration of light sleep, deep sleep, and awake stages. We use HealthKit data, like active energy and heart rate, to detect total Sleep Time, Total Restful Sleep Time, Sleeping Heart Rate, Sleep Disruptions, and Sleep stages. SLEEP HISTORY: You can explore the history of your last nights’ sleep. By history we mean the time you sleep, when you are restless and the disruptions you may have during your sleep. You can improve the quality of your sleep by exploring your sleep history. SLEEP SESSIONS: “Better Sleep will show you how many times a day you get into sleep and provides you with detailed sleep analysis. Better Sleep is fully integrated with the Health app so that you can have an automatic sleep tracking while using your Apple Watch. Subscription: You do not need any subscription as Better Sleep is totally FREE. Enjoy tracking your sleep!

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,《BetterSleep: AutoSleep Tracker国内app开发公司排名》
《BetterSleep: AutoSleep Tracker国内app开发公司排名》
《BetterSleep: AutoSleep Tracker国内app开发公司排名》