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An App that empowers patients to understand their Arthritis and manage it effectively, this platform contains a variety of educational material and a personal diary for the patient. The App provides an overview of specific Inflammatory Arthritis (RA, PsA, AS/SpA ) and self-management tools to enable the patient to understand their Inflammatory Arthritis and engage with their physician effectively and in a timely manner. It gives the patient an opportunity to be an active partner with their health care provider in making decisions on the management of their disease. The information provided in this app is NOT to be used for any self treatment or to replace any advice given by your healthcare provider. The subject matter includes audio clips, easy to read overview of specific Arthritis including some self management-suggestions and links to useful external content. The patient diary can be used by patients to store as much information as they please in their profile, working as a personal health record – practical and simple. Most of the functionality within the app does not require internet connection, enabling patients to input information on the go and increasing accessibility. Arthritis+ Patient can be used by caregivers and parents of patients with arthritis to manage their health history. The Arthritis+ Patient app has been made by a Rheumatologist and reviewed by a peer network of Rheumatologists. This app was also made in consultation with Arthritis patients to create an app solely dedicated to arthritis, ensuring streamlined access to reliable information and satisfaction. We thank them for the inspiration and support for Arthritis+. Uses: – A Symptom Journal feature, serving as a personal diary to document important self-reported issues, working like a health wallet on you at all times. – Storing and updating a list of medications, diseases, allergies, lifestyle habits, vaccinations and other tests. – Understanding co-morbidities like Osteoporosis, cardiac risk, risk of infection and education on vaccination. – A built-in Homunculus, helping patients document the exact joints that are painful. Other functions include : – Allowing the patient to take pictures of swollen joints or rashes in between appointments. – Longitudinal data storage to track patient progress. – Documentation of changes in medication to understand how their lifestyle and medications affect their health. – Calculating and graphing scores such as HAQ , BASDAI, BASFI and Psoriasis skin score. – Speech to text widget to take notes. – Printing and emailing of records.

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,《Arthritis+ Patientapp开发app公众号h5小程序项目程序源代码公众号h5系统软件开发》
《Arthritis+ Patientapp开发app公众号h5小程序项目程序源代码公众号h5系统软件开发》